Redbreast Sunfish

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Species No:  #103 


+ Sinking - Swimming - Diving

+ Underwater Swimbait

+ Highly detailed sunfish colour

+ Size 3.5 inches long

+ Weight 3/4 oz

+ Life-like details (sunfish  body shape, fish scales and 3D eyes/soft fins)

+ Species name under chin

+ Rattle inside body

+ MNLC markings

+ Swimbait comes in waterproof packaging

+ 2 sharp treble hooks with split rings and hook protectors

+ 3 segmented jointed sunfish body


The species' native range is in the eastern United States and Canada, in rivers emptying into the Atlantic Ocean. The redbreast sunfish tends to be more of a cool-river species, but also inhabits freshwater lakes and streams. The species has been introduced as far west as Louisiana and West Texas