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Species Profile: PUMPKINSEED

Species No:  #101 (Male)

Species No:  #102 (Female)


Female Colour #1000 made for The Lifelike Collection 


+ Sinking - Swimming - Diving

+ Underwater Swimbait

+ Highly detailed sunfish colour

+ Size 3.5 inches long

+ Weight 3/4 oz

+ Life-like details (sunfish  body shape, fish scales and 3D eyes/soft fins)

+ Species name under chin

+ Rattle inside body

+ MNLC markings

+ Swimbait comes in collectors box 

+ 2 sharp treble hooks with split rings and hook protectors

+ 3 segmented jointed sunfish body


The Pumpkinseed is usually found in quiet, slower moving streams, in the waters of small lakes or ponds, and in the shallow weedy bays of larger lakes.