Pugnose Minnow

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Species Profile: PUGNOSE MINNOW 

Lifelike Species No:  #1010


+ Sinking - Swimming - Diving

+ Target for bass, pike and any game fish

+ Underwater Swimbait

+ Highly detailed Minnow colour

+ Size 4.5 inches long

+ Weight 1 oz

+ Life-like details (minnow body shape, fish scales and 3D eyes/soft fins)

+ Species name on fish head

+ Rattle inside body

+ MNLC markings

+ Swimbait comes in waterproof collectors box

+ 2 sharp treble hooks with split rings and hook protectors

+ 3 segmented jointed minnow body

  • Mimics the natural behavior of a pugnose minnow swimming in the water

  • Perfect for enticing fish in clear water conditions

  • Ideal for casting and trolling

  • Great for both freshwater and saltwater fishing

  • Durable construction for long-lasting use

  • Made with high-quality materials for a realistic appearance

  • Suitable for anglers of all skill levels

  • Can be used in a variety of fishing techniques, such as walk the dog jerk bait, fast crank bait, and slow trolling

  • Provides a realistic presentation that attracts predatory game fish

  • Enhances your fishing experience by increasing your chances of catching fish

  • A versatile and reliable lure that will help you land the big one!

SKU: PNM1010


In the United States, the Pugnose Minnow prefers clear, slow-moving waters with abundant vegetation. In Canada, this species inhabits turbid, slow-moving or still waters with or without vegetation over boulders, woody debris, clay, silt, muck or sand substrates.