Pickerel Frog

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Species Profile: PICKEREL FROG

Species No:  # 503 


#1000 made for The Lifelike Collection 


+ Surface Frog  ( FLOATING - SWIMMING - DIVING )

+ Diving depths ( 2 - 12 inches )

+ 4 Soft rubber interchangeable frog arms ( Adjustable diving depths )

+ Highly detailed frog species colour

+ Size 5 inches long

+ Weight 3/4 oz

+ Life-like details (Frog body shape, markings and 3D eyes/soft front arms)

+ Species name & MNLC marking on rear frog leg

+ MNLC markings

+ Frog comes in waterproof collectors box

+ Sharp extra wide gap frog hook with split rings (multiple different hook and swimming action)

+ Jointed frog body

+ MNLC featured in the Don Wheelers Frog Lure Collector Guide

SKU: PF503

The pickerel frog ranges in the west from much of Wisconsin, southeast Minnesota, eastern Iowa, through Missouri and down to eastern Texas. To the east they extend through northern Louisiana, most of Mississippi, northern Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina to the coast. Their northern range extends into Canada in the southern reaches of Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. The range is spotty through the midwestern states and a field guide should be obtained for the specifics on ranges in a particular area.also found in Labrador.