Chain PIckerel

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Species Profile: CHAIN PICKEREL

Species No: #004 




+ Sinking - Swimming - Diving

+ Underwater Swimbait

+ Highly detailed pike colour

+ Size 8 inches long

+ Weight 1 3/4 oz

+ Life-like details (pike body shape, fish scales and 3D eyes/soft fins)

+ Species name under chin

+ Rattle inside body

+ MNLC markings

+ Swimbait comes in black collectors box 

+ 2 sharp treble hooks with split rings and hook protectors

+ 8 segmented jointed pike body

Its range is along the eastern coast of North America from southern Canada to Florida, and west to Texas. On the Atlantic Coast, in Maine, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia, the chain pickerel extend as far as 46°N. The fish inhabits fresh water from the Mississippi Valley into southern Wisconsin. It also is commonly found in Lake Michigan and the lower portion of the Great Lakes