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Species Profile: BULLFROG

Species No: # 502 


 + Surface Frog ( FLOATING - SWIMMING - DIVING )

+ Diving depths ( 2 - 12 inches )

+ 4 Soft rubber interchangeable frog arms ( Adjustable diving depths )

+ Highly detailed frog species colour

+ Size 5 inches long

+ Weight 3/4 oz

+ Life-like details (Frog body shape, markings and 3D eyes/soft front arms)

+ Species name & MNLC marking on rear frog leg

+ MNLC markings

+ Frog comes in waterproof collectors box

+ Sharp extra wide gap frog hook with split rings (multiple different hook and swimming action)

+ Jointed frog body

+ MNLC featured in the Don Wheelers Frog Lure Collector Guide

SKU: BF502




The bullfrog is native to eastern North America. Its natural range extends from the Atlantic Coast, north to Newfoundland, to as far west as Oklahoma and Kansas. It is not found on offshore islands near Cape Cod and is largely absent from Florida, Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Minnesota. It has been introduced into Nantucket island, Arizona, Utah, other parts of Colorado and Nebraska, Nevada, California, Oregon, Washington, and Hawaii. In these states, it is considered to be an invasive species and concern exists that it may outcompete native species of amphibians and upset the ecological balance. It is very common on the West Coast, especially in California, where it is believed to pose a threat to the California red-legged frog.